3 years old, Empire Strikes Back re-release. An elderly lady was smoking during the Hoth battle scene. Yes, I’ve found out that people were actually allowed to do this even in the 80’s at certain theaters. The 1980’s! That means that some person could have smoked an entire pack of Pall Mall at the Care Bares Movie with a school trip sitting there.

I’ve lived a lifetime. Meaning that I’m on a different planet from the one that I started on. The language has changed. Standards have changed. Expectations have changed. I have changed. I’m not saying that it’s good or bad. I’m just saying that it’s unreal. In middle school, students said that males can’t wear two earrings. Now they think you’re just broke if you have only one.

Nevermind standing on the shoulders of giants. We stand on front of the wind of history’s momentum. Reacting to the world around us, setting off chains of events.

Are we built for an exponential change of pace? Can the same technology that induces the anxiety, anesthetize us from it? (That burn of heat rub that turns to a cooling sensation.)

I’m just glad that I found meditation last year.

But then again, I would have never found that group if it weren’t for technology.

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