Who do you think you are?! Superman?

The Superman/Clark Kent metaphor used in the film Kill Bill, Vol. 2. proposes that there is a true self (Superman) underneath our alter egos (Clark Kent). Even before I saw this film, I felt that the artist was “who I am”. I believed that if people saw the artist, they would know the real me. In turn, I would be more accepted.

Years later (and more life experiences), I no longer feel the need to show people the artist (Superman) before I show them any other aspect of myself (Clark Kent). Now, my inner Clark walks with his head up, starts conversations and takes chances. Clark was able to do these things by walking with his head up, starting conversations and taking chances. To reference another film (Batman Begins), we are what we do.

Clark has to realize that Superman is not the only “who I am” or true self. Superman is only one of many personas he uses to interface with the world. It happens to be the one persona that fits society’s description of the ideal human. Thus, Superman is the persona that he is the most comfortable using to express himself.

We torture ourselves trying to feel comfortable.

We resent the world when it cannot not see us at our best.

We feel that we are owed a giant apology when that world leaves us behind.

These bad feelings will never go away before we die, but we can manage them by finding ways to play Superman in our daily lives. I’ve told you my way of doing that (so far).

What’s yours?

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