The Writer’s Struggle: Getting Started

I’m having a hard time getting started with my coming-of-age, dark fantasy. I’m going to try to write it from a first person’s view. It might not stay first person, but I think writing it this way might help me somehow. The narrator will be telling the story over twenty years after it happened. Can anyone out there tell me how something like this affects the storytelling? What is the difference between telling the story less than a year later and telling it twenty years later?

2 thoughts on “The Writer’s Struggle: Getting Started

  1. Marc, I think that a much longer time span in a retrospective narration would allow the narrator to have amassed much more evaluation on the events, so the maturity of the story-telling might be different. Another consideration would be that over that time, the narrator’s memory might also have dimmed a little. So you need to decide if you want the narrator to be reliable of unreliable. Does that help at all?


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