Weird by Marc Alexander Valle*

People called me weird in elementary school, because I said that I was Superman since I was wearing red underwear.

People called me weird in middle school, because I always talked about movies and used Star Wars analogies to make my point.

People called me weird in high school because I was quiet and would suddenly say something totally irrelevant like “Bill Clinton would have made a good Roman general, don’t you think?”

People would call me weird because I could consume a gallon of spaghetti sauce but hated tomatoes. Because I would drive all around the block to find a stop light simply because I didn’t like left hand turns. Because I would drink coffee followed by a soothing cup of chamomile.

Being called weird doesn’t bother me as much anymore. I figure that being weird is better than being a ‘weirdo’. A weirdo is like the Rain Man of weirdness. I consider myself the Good Will Hunting of weirdness…more adjusted, less irritable.

Weirdness is the state of not being normal. But weirdness is definitely a normal phenomenon in nature. Look to the sky and study flocks of sparrows swarming to and fro, left to right, up and down. There’s always one bird just outside the swarm, trying to keep up, trying to break off.

He’s weird. Maybe even a weirdo.

We’re all weird on some level. Some people are weird on all levels. I’m probably weird on a few levels, but nothing I’m uncomfortable with. Well, except for a couple of things. But if I told you, you’d probably call me weird.

*Published in Lehigh Valley Vanguard

Posted image above by Marc Alexander Valle.

13 thoughts on “Weird by Marc Alexander Valle*

  1. My only problem with ‘weirdness’ is that is used in an judgmental way, the same is true for ‘normality’. And this is wrong, no matter if I call you weird or normal. I would be so offended if somebody defined me as a normal person.

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    • the problem with the word normal is that it sounds too much like conformity. As though you’ve assimilated into societies arbitrary rules. who’s to say that what is weird today wasn’t normal in another society in another time.

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      • Sure. But I think it is question even more general, who’s to say what is weird or normal at all? who define weirdness and normality?
        What is normal for me could be weird for you and viceversa. For example, I think a kid believing to be Superman because of his red underwear it’s cute, even cool, for sure not weird. And I would have thought the same even in elementary school.
        I believe that calling people ‘weird’ is dangerous, some will start thinking they really. We should be careful with the words we use and their real meaning.
        Why not saying ‘common’, ‘uncommon’, and ‘unique’ instead?


      • ‘Common’, ‘uncommon’ and ‘unique’ could be better for now, but in time they’ll be a stigma to that. I don’t know what the answer is as far as what words to use. I know there’s words that would bother me and I would confront someone that said them to me, but if I force someone to say something else, they’re still going to feel the same way. New, forced terminology drives feelings underground. Feelings that can eventually manifest in negative ways.But it’s like I said. I don’t know what the answer is. Language evolves by the will of the people. For example, ‘weird’ used to mean ‘fate’ all the way up to modern English. Who knows what it will mean next and why.


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