Ghost by Marc Alexander Valle ©2004

This is a poem I wrote in 2004. It’s my own lyrics to John Lennon’s Imagine. This isn’t my best work, but I’m not inclined to post my best as I might want to have those more recent pieces published one day.


Knowing that you’re never here

makes life hard to bear.

You are the one that sees things clear

even though you’re not there.

You are the one I dream of.

I find you anywhere.

Knowing that I’m torn apart,

I’ve had to make my due.

You sit inside my broken heart

and that will have to do.

You are the one I think of.

If only I could find out who.

In my eyes you’re a hero.

You know everything I should.

You make all the tears go

and you see I’m understood.

But this dream is so heavy.

If I could give it up,

my life would be so ready

to be lived and won.

You are the one I know of

that sits above the sun.

Why must I let these years go?

You are only my pain withstood.

Cause I’ve never let my fears grow

and I’ve done the best I could.

by Marc Alexander Valle

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