Netflix Was Chill

Will I ever go back to Netflix? Don’t get me wrong. I still subscribe to it in order to watch House of Cards and Narcos, but I can’t seem to find anything else that appeals to me. When I first started watching its streaming content, I saw a movie several times a week. Now, when I search for a Spielberg movie, I only get E.T. When I search for a Scorsese film, I only get The Aviator. I’m sure that what happened is that they needed to scale back their film library in order to expand their own content, but what’s a cinephile to do when he wants to see random films like Magnolia, Nashville, Hannah and Her Sisters or even Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I don’t expect all of those films to be there, but I’d definitely like more variety than I have now. I want to be surprised, and Netflix doesn’t do it anymore. The question I have to my  fellow bloggers and cinephiles is: Where do I go to now and is Hulu the place that I’m looking for? For now, the mom and pop video store down the street will have to hold me over…until their day is gone too.

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