Why I Write

Fish swim, birds fly, I write. There’s no need to romanticism the purpose of writing. Just as there’s no need to glorify a dog’s daily walk. That’s just what dogs do.

15 years ago, I would have given you an idealist’s answer as to why I write. I would have went on about its function as a social catalyst to change people’s views. I feel now that it’s not my business to change peoples’ minds.

How can one assume that a point of view is beneficial for others, when 10 years from now he or she will feel differently about that view?

We write to keep from getting in trouble. Not necessarily from vices, but from feelings that allow us to become ‘stuck’ in our lives.

The mind needs positive motion. It needs to construct. It needs to explore. It needs release subconscious energy.

We must write to write. If you write to be great, is it you that is writing? Or the person that you think you’re supposed to be?

First Blog: I, Marc

To run or not to run before your first blog? It’ll be just you and your thoughts, Marc. Maybe you’ll come up with a nifty quote or a funny line.But then again you just need a break from all this blog site setup and new e-mail set up and new Facebook account set up. 


Relax. Go for that run. And on it, you’ll think about politics, movies, your future and things that bother you. And if you run long enough, you just might realize that you’re not just thinking, but you’re running. 

. . .

Writing is one of the few things that I can be consciously aware of as I’m doing it. In this sense, it’s been my more accessible portal to the present. It helps me see that my past thoughts and feelings is full of other peoples opinions and helps me see that my own voice will only grow stronger. Words are a miracle. I dare to see which ones will come out after this short run. Do you?