The Critical Zero by Marc Alexander Valle

The Critical Zero

by Marc Alexander Valle

There’s a place inside us not even the gods can touch. 

You’ll find it in the dirt when you feel that humankind has left you or that you’ve been stranded in a far off land.  

Take good care of it. 

Put it deep inside your pocket. 

Water it with kindness to yourself, and if you can, compassion for others. 

If you can. 

And if you should find yourself lost in the thought that we’re alone and that we’re meant only to die, know that you’re not the first to entertain this notion and will not be the last. 

There’s a place inside us not even the gods can touch. 

They despise us for it, and tempt us with possessions and limitless power over others just to see it crushed. 

But it’s never crushed, hushed, but never truly crushed. 

There’s a place inside us.

You can visit it only if you find yourself worthy. And that’s the hard part. Because you are worthy. And always were.

by Marc Alexander Valle

Deep Thought by Marc Alexander Valle

Deep Thought

by Marc Alexander Valle

She told my co-worker

that I was just in deep thought

after he asked why I don’t talk.

Deep thought.

So often labeled ‘quiet’

Deep thought.

that I started to get used to it.

She said that co-workers referred to her as a ‘dolt’

when it came to judging character.

But maybe she just needed a euphemism.

Like ‘deep thought’ for ‘odd’,

or ‘good-natured’ for ‘dolt’.

But I never said anything.

I was in too deep of thought

to realize that I should.

Published in Lehigh Valley Vanguard on 6/29/15