AMERICAN ROBIN by Marc Alexander Valle

AMERICAN ROBIN by Marc Alexander Valle

I saw a bird pluck a worm from my back lawn this morning. It was a miracle to watch. I wanted to take a picture, but I knew it would soon be over. And I was right. The bird gobbled up the worm real quick and flew away. 

How did you even know, Mr. Bird? I can’t even find the crackers in my pantry when I’m hungry. Good for you, Mr. Bird. 

One day, you’ll end up in my food, and I’ll end up in your grandbird’s worm. Someday, someway we all meet each other.

3 Poems and a Photo©2016 by Marc Alexander Valle

These are three poems of mine from an untitled series. They have been published in Beechwood Review (, a minimalist online journal. The attached photo is also mine.  

Branches, buddings, purple wrens,
landing, chirping, bouncing,
over battlefield trenches

Desert, moon, white, dunes,
sand, blowing,
unearthing limestone ruins

Thick mist clears,
hot air balloon armada
blots the atmosphere

All poems and photography by Marc Alexander Valle ©2016.