Random Thought # 1

The hardest part of being a person is to separate the positive voices in this world from the all the garbage that people have to say.

Which people are trying to help you and which people are talking non-sense and coming from a negative place?

Because you don’t want to be so confident that you’ll give up good suggestions that can help you. But you can’t take in all the comments that come from someone else’s pain, frustration and arrogance.

Many of us are in the positive places that we are in because we listened to people that had our best interest in mind. Our parents, our teachers, our friends, etc…

This notion that we shouldn’t listen to anyone is built on the belief that someone else will hurt us.

So how much do we let in?

The Human Project

There is a scene in the film Rocky Balboa where Rocky’s son, Robert, tries to convince Rocky, in his 60’s, to not box a young heavyweight. Robert goes on to say, “You gotta face reality,  okay? It’s a different world now”. Rocky replies, “Only the clothes is different”.

Humans always want to believe that what they are going through is utterly unique in history. “Kids these days, they got no respect,” we repeat. We believe that the next generation will bring down civilization.

But did the Romans have their Greatest Generation?

Boys and girls willing to serve their country, because they believed it served a higher cause.

Did the Mayans have their Baby Boomers?

Children rebelling against the authority of their society, becoming consumeristic later in life.

Did the Mongols have their Millennials?

We’ll probably never know things so historically microcosmic.

But I have my money on history being as cyclical as it’s always been.

One thing I depend on more and more, humans will always be human.