About Marc

I’m Marc. Marc Alexander Valle. I sometimes play the role of a writer in life, and sometimes people acknowledge that persona by reading my stuff and publishing it in small publications. I think my writing is entertaining and thoughtful. People have told me, “Hey, your stuff is entertaining, dude. It’s thoughtful.”

I hope to one day write something that reaches a wider audience. I really think it should be read by more people. My writing has always had a special quality to it. Even when I was a teenager and my stuff was bad, I always had a fire and a voice somewhere in the rough. I think new readers would find my stuff charming and enlightening, and they won’t regret giving the time to read it.

Over the last few years, I’ve put less into this idea of having to “make it”. Dreams are wonderful things to have. They keep the left foot in front of the right, but they can also be a massive weight keeping us from enjoying our present lives. I write because I’m an artist and it keeps me feeling normal inside. It allows me to process my life and the world. I am an artist. I’ve known it all my life.

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