Letters to my Son (excerpt)

You made noises in your sleep, and they indicated you were having a nightmare. So I rubbed your back, knowing that it might wake you and make for a long night, believing that just standing there would be some type of cosmic dereliction of duty. And this is what men of science can’t understand, that reason was made to be dismissed. Humanity wants to collapse just to feel alive, just to feel love and give love and be known to the universe. You’re only one and a half years, my son. What forms could the dark princes of Slumberland possibly dress up as? If they could just see me hovering above you in the faint morning light, they would fear you. Phantoms of our psyche fear only those who can call them by name.

by Marc Alexander Valle

Holographic Universe Theory, Debunked

“Everything is small,” I said to Mrs. Reed, my second grade teacher.

“What do you mean, hun?” she said.

“Like everything I see is small.”

“What do you mean by small, sweetheart?”

“Like. . .I don’t know…small.”

“Well, does your head hurt?”


“Are you dizzy?”


“Is your belly achy?”


“Do you have to do a number 2?”


“Then I can’t send you to the nurse, hun. Sit down.”

The entire world looked like a miniature model. Whenever I experienced this state of consciousness, I told myself, “I’m really here. I’m really here. I’m really here. I’m really here. . .”Supposedly, the name of this neurological condition is called Alice-in-Wonderland syndrome, or Lilliputian hallucinations. The condition is marked by the feeling that the physical environment around the individual has shrunk. It’s usually experienced in childhood and passes in time as was the case for me.

Scientist are now starting to express the theory that reality is a hologram and that we are not really here. Try telling that to Mrs. Reed. She’ll send you to get a drink of water and sit you out for recess.