Thursday Freewrite

I’ve been called quiet most of my life. I’ve been called an introvert for half of my life. I’ve been called shy more than I’d like to have been called shy. I don’t feel that I’m any of those things. I can talk forever if you listen, I can be friendly to almost anyone, and I can sing karaoke or deliver a piece of writing on stage for hours on end if you let me. Really, the closest I come to any of those is quiet, but this hasn’t always been my choice. Most people don’t think how I think. They don’t feel how I feel about things. They never felt the uncomfortable feelings I felt when I was near or around high school cliques or anything like that, and I’m sure most people don’t think about the nature of existence as frequently as I do. They want to talk about sports, cars, and other people, and I just could never do that. I chose to listen rather than speak over others. I chose to try to understand rather than wait to talk. I’ve heard many stories from people and behind those stories are emotions that I would have never come in contact with otherwise. These experiences have helped me. The stories have accumulated so much that it’s created a good foundation of wisdom to draw upon. I saved myself the grief and let others do dumb things before I could. And that’s all I got for you this Thursday. Shut up and listen sometimes. It’ll do you some good, and you’re not as interesting as you think. #amwriting #writing